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Finding and telling stories  about people who rise to a challenge is what first drew me to the arts.  At 11, I got permission from the US Air Force Museum to shoot my first film on a real B-17 Bomber.  I still  love the process of collaborating, discovering and  bringing to fruition a great story. 


My first paid job fell into my lap when a producer  friend had a professional ballet dancer fall out of the Miss Georgia Pageant Live Broadcast. They needed someone to lift the outgoing Miss Georgia during her farewell song. I can only say thank god few folks still have VHS players.   Hopefully, I've redeemed myself since then.

Army Veteran

Somehow I was accepted to  West Point, then actually graduated and served as an Army Infantry officer-- before I took the next logical step of going into the arts.  Now I volunteer with Veterans in Media and Entertainment to help military vets connect to education and employment opportunities in Hollywood.



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