Telling Great Stories...

I live to tell great stories-- stories that inspire, engage, and when it's done well exposes a truth that hopefully brings people to closer understanding of themselves and of mankind. 

The thing that first brough me to acting was curiousity to know people and why they do the things they do. By inhabiting the character, you get a real insight into what drives an individual.

Writing and directing have become a natural extension on that passion as a storyteller. 

As an working actor, and former Army officer with experience working at an "A"-list actor's production company,   I've started to create and produce.

One of the early short films I made "Battle Scars" dealing with veteran suicide and the stigma of asking for help in the warrior culture, won the Audience Award at the G.I. Film Festival.

"One Halloween" another short that I helped to produce, was recently distributed on  HBO's digital platforms and is currently in development as a feature.